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Tradlands Review: The Spring & Summer Guide

Tradlands Review
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Tradlands Review Guide

You KNOW Tradlands is one of my favorite places to online shop, so I wanted to put together a Tradlands review of the best pieces from their spring and summer line.

If you want to see my past Tradlands reviews, you can find them via my Tradlands tag!

Before we get into it, I want to chat about why I love Tradlands and give you some insight into their sizing.

First of all, Tradlands is a sustainable and ethical company with accessible pricing and unique styles. They capture the essence of simplicity and easy dressing without being too oversized or out there. In my opinion, you can wear their pieces anywhere, whether that’s dressing up a jumpsuit for a wedding or throwing on a dress for a long day at the beach. Their pieces are so high quality, and I know I’ll wear them for years to come. They also choose the best colors. They’re so pretty! You know I love me a good color palette!

Now, onto sizing: Everything I have from Tradlands is in a small. I fluctuate between a small and a medium in general, but their pieces run slightly larger than other brands. I could see myself even getting an extra small if I wanted something to fit me really tight.

Don’t forget to use my code Chloe15 for 15% off your first purchase at Tradlands!

These pieces were gifted by Tradlands in exchange for my review, and these are my honest thoughts! You can see how much I actually wear them (spoiler alert: constantly) on my Instagram.

The Nico Dress in Surf and Caroline Print

Tradlands Review

Do I have this dress in two colors? Yes. Do I wear it constantly? YES. Is it ridiculous to have the same dress in two colors?! Not if you love it as much as I love this beautiful thing. I love the length of this dress as well as where the waist hits (perfectly, right where it should). It doesn’t take much styling, but I also really appreciate how different it looks when you do put in the effort to style it. The Caroline Print is my favorite, but I adore how the Surf color looks with dark hair!

The Finn Jumpsuit in Poppy

Finn Jumpsuit Tradlands

I love a good jumpsuit, and this pretty color was too good to resist for spring and summer. I love where the pockets are placed in front, which is a fun and unique twist. It’s also a great length for me, and I have a very long torso so jumpsuits can be tricky (I’m 5’7 for reference). Like all of my Tradlands pieces, it’s so well made and comfortable to wear all day long.

I have this jumpsuit in another color and fabric as well (The Finn Jumpuit in Clay Canvas), and I love how that one is more structured, but this Poppy version is definitely more of a relaxed fit.

The Box Top in Pearl Linen

Box Top Tradlands

Last season, I got this same top in a white cotton fabric that I didn’t wear a ton despite loving the style. The reason? It required me to iron or steam it, and I’m too lazy to do that regularly. You’re either judging me now or feeling the same – either are acceptable. However, this linen (and this Pearl color that is almost lavender) is a GAME CHANGER! It’s much more versatile and easy, two things that really matter to me when getting dressed.

The Box Tee in Red Stripe

Box Tee Tradlands

Simple. Easy. Fun. I got this tee last year in the black and white stripe (which is sadly now sold out) and wore it constantly, so this was honestly a no brainer. Who doesn’t feel their absolute best in a good red outfit?! If you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of Tradlands, this might be a good place to start. It’s a great price point (especially with my 15% code!) and something you’ll be able to wear all summer long.

The Aubrey in Black Gingham

Gingham Tradlands

Did someone say gingham?! I’m not much of a long-sleeve button up gal because they require more styling than I’m typically willing to do, but when I do feel like putting in the extra work, I am all about them (especially in this perfectly adorable pattern). The outfits I’ve put together with this top are some of my favorites so far this year, and I still have some others in mind!

A few other pieces I love:

Shelter Cardigan Tradlands

The Shelter Cardigan in Burnt Sienna is currently sold out in most sizes but being stocked later this summer. It’s an AMAZING sweater and color, and I highly recommend getting on the waitlist.

The Baja T-Shirt Dress is an old favorite that’s currently on sale and still available in a few sizes!

Last season, I bought this bandana in yellow. I wear it all the time, and it’s still available in the two other colors.

Discount Code: Chloe15 for 15% off your first purchase at Tradlands

Got any questions about this Tradlands review?! I’d be happy to answer in the comments!

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